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Family News:

  1. Deacon Election was held on last Sunday November 5. 167 active members were eligible to vote, and 103 active members voted in the election which exceeded the quorum of 101. Candidate must receive at least 60% of the total votes, that is 62 votes, to be effectively elected. Gary Choi received 96 "Yes" votes and was elected as deacon to serve a 2-year term (2024-2025).
  2. There will be hymns offering during the Sunday service on December 24. Brothers and sisters are welcome to participate in the hymn's practice. Practice dates: November 26, December 10 and 17, time: 11:30-12:30.
  3. There will also be Christmas caroling at Kingsway and Joyce Station on Dec 24 at 12:30 - 14:00. Brothers and sisters are welcome to join this outreach event. Please contact Joe Chan and Tina Yuen for inquiries and registration.
  4. Church office will be closed on Nov. 13 for Remembrance Day in lieu. Yet we still have CM & MM prayer meeting at 7:30p.m.
  5. Finance Department Hiring: Bethel is looking for a self-employed bookkeeper with 1-2 years of working experience to provide our church with full-cycle bookkeeping services from home. Responsibilities include posting entries/Journal entries, preparing Government reports such as T4s/T4As, GST Rebate, WCB Annual Payroll Report, Bank Reconciliation, and Financial Statements/Reports, etc. Candidate must have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience using QuickBooks and be proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) and Google Spreadsheets. Members of Bethel are preferred. The job start date will be January 1, 2024. If you are interested, please send an email to Alvin Chong (Chair of the Deacon Board) or Ivan Chiu (Treasurer) for more details. Note: Bookkeeping Service Agreement will be signed by both parties (Bethel and the self-employed Bookkeeper).


  1. 「執事選舉」已於上主日11月5日舉行,有投票權的常到會友人數為167人。共有103名常到會友投票,超過法定人數101人。候選人最少需獲得總投票數之60%即62票方能有效當選。蔡智雄Gary Choi弟兄獲得96贊成票, 當選為執事, 任期兩年(2024-2025)。
  2. 12月24日主日崇拜期間將會有獻詩,歡迎弟兄姊妹參加練習詩歌!練詩日期:11月26日,12月10,17日,時間:11:30-12:30。
  3. 12月24日下午12:30-2時,在 Kingsway 及Joyce快車站有報佳音及派單張,歡迎弟兄姊妹參加。練詩時間同上。報名請到辦公室,查詢請向陳大輝部長或袁陳寶敏姊妹。
  4. 11月13目乃國殤紀念日補假, 教會辦公室將休息一天。當晚國粵祈禱會7:30仍然繼續。
  5. 財務部招聘: 頌主堂現正尋找一名有1 - 2年工作經驗的自僱簿記員,在家為本堂提供全週期簿記服務。責任包括入帳/記帳/日記帳分錄,預備政府報告如T4s/T4As、GST退稅、WCB年度工資報告,銀行往來調節表和財務報表/報告等。應徵者須具有最少1 - 2年使用Quickbooks的經驗,並能熟悉使用 Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) 和 Google Spreadsheet,是頌主堂會友更佳。工作開始日期為2024年1月1日。有興趣者,請電郵至張漢忠執事(執事會主席)或趙子文執事(司庫) 了解更多詳情。 註:簿記服務協議將由雙方 (頌主堂和自僱簿記員) 共同簽署。


  1. 「执事选举」已于上主日11月5日举行,有投票权的常到会友人数为167人。共有103名常到会友投票,超过法定人数101人。候选人最少需获得总投票数之60%即62票方能有效当选。蔡智雄Gary Choi弟兄获得96赞成票, 当选为执事, 任期两年(2024-2025)。
  2. 12月24日主日崇拜期间将会有献诗,欢迎弟兄姊妹参加练习诗歌!练诗日期:11月26日,12月10,17日,时间:11:30-12:30。
  3. 12月24日下午12:30-2时,在 Kingsway 及Joyce快车站有报佳音及派单张,欢迎弟兄姊妹参加。练诗时间同上。报名请到办公室,查询请向陈大辉部长或袁陈宝敏姊妹。
  4. 11月13目乃国殇纪念日补假, 教会办公室将休息一天。当晚国粤祈祷会7:30仍然继续。
  5. 财务部招聘: 颂主堂现正寻找一名有1 - 2年工作经验的自雇簿记员,在家为本堂提供全周期簿记服务。责任包括入帐/记帐/日记帐分录,预备政府报告如T4s/T4As、GST退税、WCB年度工资报告,银行往来调节表和财务报表/报告等。应征者须具有最少1 - 2年使用Quickbooks的经验,并能熟悉使用 Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) 和 Google Spreadsheet,是颂主堂会友更佳。工作开始日期为2024年1月1日。有兴趣者,请电邮至张汉忠执事(执事会主席)或赵子文执事(司库) 了解更多详情。注:簿记服务协议将由双方 (颂主堂和自雇簿记员) 共同签署。