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Family News:

  1. Theme 2024: "Walk with Jesus with actions and in truth"
    Theme verse: "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." (1 John 3:18)
    Sub-theme for Spring (Jan - Mar): "Walk with Jesus, live out faith"
    Sub-theme verse: "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." (Hebrews 11:6)
  2. Bethel is now advocating Prayer Partner Movement – we encourage groups of 2 - 3 of the same gender, or 2 couples, once a month to have fellowship and pray for each other. Write down the thanksgiving & prayer requests every time, and they can look back and give thanks at the year end prayer meeting.
  3. A joint prayer meeting will be held at 11:30 am after EM Service in the sanctuary focusing on praying for English ministry. Welcome all to join and pray for the church and let us be a prayer-driven church.
  4. Christian Education will study the book of Romans from March 6th to July 10th, 2024, every Wednesday night at 7:30-8:30 PM for a total of 19 sessions. It will be discussion based using a "Lifeguide Bible Study Series: Becoming New in Christ" by Jack Kuhatschek. We can make hybrid available for all 19 sessions. Physical gathering as well as full participation for fruitful learning are encouraged. This course is for those who want to understand the Gospel in full explanation according to Apostle Paul. This is a great course for those who want to build a strong faith foundation, follow Jesus on a deeper level, and seekers who may want to know what Christian faith is all about. I would like to encourage our congregation at bethel to pray and ask God who they can invite to come to learn, especially friends and family who have yet to meet Christ.
  5. Next Sunday, March 10, the daylight saving time will commence at 2:00 am. Please be reminded to set your clock 1 hour earlier.
  6. Good Friday Meditation will be held at Bethel basement chapel on March 29 (Fri) at 10:00 am. Also, 2024 MBCCA Joint Good Friday Service “Gethsemane” will be held at Fraser Lands Church (3330 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC) on March 29, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Please join and remember Jesus' suffering and His saving grace together. For details, please refer to the poster.
  7. Deacon By-election will be held on Sunday, April 14, 2024.



  1. 2024主題:「與主同行,踐行真道
    主題經文:「小子們哪,我們相愛,不要只在言語和舌頭上,總要在行為和誠實上。」 (約翰一書 3:18)
    季度金句:「人非有信,就不能得神的喜悅;因為到神面前來的人必須信有神,且信他賞賜那尋求他的人。」(希伯來書 11:6)
  2. 教會現推行禱告伴侶運動 – 鼓勵同性別2至3人一組,或2對夫婦一組,每月最少一次見面交通及彼此代禱,並記下每次的感恩及代禱事項,年終感恩時可用以回望及感恩。
  3. 崇拜後上午11:30於禮堂有聯合祈禱會,為英語事工祈禱,歡迎弟兄姊妹留步參加,踴躍為教會事工守望禱告,讓頌主堂成為禱告的教會。
  4. 日光節約時間將於下主日3月10日凌晨二時開始,請將時鐘撥快一小時!
  5. 頌主堂受苦節默想會將於3月29日(週五)上午10:00在土庫禮堂舉行。另門諾弟兄會華聯會「受苦節聯合崇拜」將於3月29日(週五)晚上7:00至晚上9:00舉行。主題為 「客西馬尼園」。地點:在 Fraser Lands Church (3330 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC) 。鼓勵弟兄姊妹一同參與,默念耶穌基督為我們受死,賜下救恩。詳情請參閱海報。
  6. 執事補選將於2024年4月14日(主日)舉行。



  1. 2024主题:「与主同行,践行真道
    主题经文:「小子们哪,我们相爱,不要只在言语和舌头上,总要在行为和诚实上。」 (约翰一书 3:18)
    季度金句:「人非有信,就不能得神的喜悦;因为到神面前来的人必须信有神,且信他赏赐那寻求他的人。」(希伯来书 11:6)
  2. 教会现推行祷告伴侣运动 – 鼓励同性别2至3人一组,或2对夫妇一组,每月最少一次见面交通及彼此代祷,并记下每次的感恩及代祷事项,年终感恩时可用以回望及感恩。
  3. 崇拜后上午11:30于礼堂有联合祈祷会,为英语事工祈祷,欢迎弟兄姊妹留步参加,踊跃为教会事工守望祷告,让颂主堂成为祷告的教会。
  4. 日光节约时间将于下主日3月10日凌晨二时开始,请将时钟拨快一小时!
  5. 颂主堂受苦节默想会将于3月29日(周五)上午10:00在土库礼堂举行。另门诺弟兄会华联会「受苦节联合崇拜」将于3月29日(周五)晚上7:00至晚上9:00举行。主题为 「客西马尼园」。地点:在 Fraser Lands Church (3330 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC) 。鼓励弟兄姊妹一同参与,默念耶稣基督为我们受死,赐下救恩。详情请参阅海报。
  6. 执事补选将于2024年4月14日(主日)举行。