Our Vision 我們的異象
Bethel, a Life Impacting Church. 頌主堂,一間有生命震撼力的教會。

We are a people continuously transformed by the living God to grow and multiply as God’s disciples.


Our Mission 我們的使命宣言
  1. A prayer driven church. 以禱告作推動的教會。
  2. A vibrant worshipping church. 雀躍敬拜的教會。
  3. A fervent evangelistic outreaching church. 火熱傳福音的教會。
  4. A committed disciple-making church. 盡心建立門徒的教會。
  5. A passionately caring church. 熱誠關懷的教會。
  • We strive to be a prayer driven church where we submit our agendas to God and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.
    我們竭力成為一間禱告的教會,把一切的計劃構思都仰賴    神,並倚靠聖靈的能力去成事。
  • We strive to be a God worshipping church where our lives are transformed through worshipping God corporately and individually.
    我們竭力成為一間敬拜    神的教會,透過集體及個人敬拜,讓我們的生命得著更新。
  • We strive to be an evangelistic outreaching church where we engage seekers through local evangelism and global missions.
  • We strive to be a disciple-making church where we learn to be obedient to the lordship of Jesus Christ; become mature through knowing God, and are equipped to train others to be disciples.
    我們竭力成為一間建立門徒的教會,學習順服耶穌基督的主權;透過認識    神,不斷地長進,並裝備自己訓練他人作門徒。
  • We strive to be a passionately caring church where we support one another, care for one another, and encourage one another through fellowship.