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主題:要收的莊稼多   Theme: The harvest is plentiful 

Chinese Speaker 中文講員: 吳必能牧師, 資深駐巴拿馬宣教士   Rev. Philip Ng  Missionary to Panama (Bethel supported Missionary)

English Speaker 英語講員: Tony and Sarah Brown, MB Multiply missionary couple to Panama (Bethel supported Missionary)

Meetings 聚會時間:

  1. Nov 3 (Sunday)10:00 am 英語崇拜: Pastor Brown speaking in EM service. 講員: Pastor Brown   
  2. Nov 8 (Friday) 7:30pm MM/EM/CM Joint fellowships  Rev Ng speaking to a joint EM/MM/CM fellowship meeting. 国/粵/英語聯合團契: 講員:吳必能牧師
  3. Nov 9 (Saturday) 7:30pm 国/粵語聯合聚會: Rev Ng speaking in the evening in Cantonese, interpreted into Mandarin. 講員:吳必能牧師.  粵語講道, 国語翻譯.
  4. Nov 10 (Sunday) 国語崇拜 (8:30 am), 粵語崇拜 (10:00 am): Pastor Ng speaking in MM (8:30 am) and CM (10:00 am) Worship services. 講員:吳必能牧師